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Had a Crash?

Please read the information below when you have been involved in a car accident, or want to know more about what to do in the case of an emergency.

What to Do

Go through the checklist below for more information. 

1. In the event of an accident, stay calm.
2. Inform the police if anybody is injured.
3. Do NOT admit liability - you may be in shock.
4. Exchange details with the other party involved.
5. Make sure you get a name, address, and vehicle registration number.
6. Get insurance details if possible.
7. If there are any witnesses, take their details.
8. Take photographs of the incident, if possible.
9. Take details of where, when, the time, and the conditions. Was it wet, dry, or sunny?

Hardings ARC can help you with your claim.

Contact our accident repair centre in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, when you have suffered a car accident.

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What Should I Do?

As someone who has suffered an accident on the road, you should know your rights. The insurance policy holder has the legal right to choose where the vehicle is repaired after an accident. This has been agreed between the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) and the ABI (Association of British Insurers). The most important thing in your car is YOU!

Fitting Parts from Reputable Manufacturers

You deserve to know your rights. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and even the most careful of drivers cannot always avoid the hazards of the open road. Your car is a testament to the huge technical advances that have been made over the past decades. 

There are many parts that make up a modern motor car. At Hardings ARC, we only fit spare parts from genuine manufacturers, as we understand there are some parts that just cannot be replaced.

Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are integral to ensuring the quality and safety of your car. Safety is the prime reason for using the parts that were made by the people responsible for the manufacturing of your vehicle. We make sure that your car is as safe as it was before the accident occurred, and just as good-looking.

Would you expect a car that was repaired with non-genuine, pattern parts to hold the same value as a car repaired by using the genuine article? The dealer definitely won’t if you want to trade your car in some day. Your warranty may also become invalid if parts that are not genuine are used.

Consider All of the Options

Where you choose to take your car to be repaired is completely up to you. Many insurance companies will try to convince you that the best place to take your car is their own body shop or one approved by them, because they want to control the cost and the repair methods. Make sure that your car is repaired correctly, not cheaply. 

Hardings ARC has its own body shop and also offers customisation for vehicles.
It is your legal right to choose. Use that choice wisely!